1. If I am allergic to certain ingredients, can you cater for this? We can certainly cater for you, whatever your dietary requirements are. If you inform us of any allergies or intolerances  we can help you make the right choice. Our trained staff will help you, just ask! Remember all our food ingredients are high quality, seasonal, local and organic.
  2. Why you use whole, organic, local and seasonal ingredients? In our deli we use only whole grains, as we believe they are much more beneficial for our bodies, contain more fibre and nutrients, lift blood sugar slowly. Organic, local, seasonal is much more fare to our planet, less contaminating and better for us as well (more natural) and goes together with the flow of nature.
  3. What are healthy cooking methods which you use? We don’t fry or use microwave. We boil, stir fry, steam and bake. If we use oil for cooking, than it is coconut or ghee butter. Our salads are made with best quality local olive oil, sesame oil or pumpkin seed oil.
  4. Do you use animal protein and why? What is the origin of it? We cook animal protein, as all bodies are different- some people feel great on vegetarian diet (we have vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes), others are paleo orientated. The important thing is to feel healthy and strong in yourself and just follow your gut feeling and use the  best ingredients you can come across. Our meat and fish is free from chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.
  5. What about sugar? Our deli is sugar free. For our delicious deserts we use only natural sweetnesses – dates, maple syrup, agave syrup, coconut sugar.
  6. Are you gluten free? We have dishes cooked without gluten or wheat.
  7. Why you consider  yourself as an educational centre? Our deli is a base for workshops where our well trained specialists hold cooking classes, group coaching or individual sessions. Our mission is more people not only to eat good and healthy, but to understand what and why to choose in order to be and feel the best version of themselves.
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