€50.00 per day

What's in the box?

Detox package is created specifically to help your body to get rid of unnecessary toxins and replace them with vitamins and minerals that will bring you back to life. This package has been specifically formulated for those with weight-loss in mind.

  • 900 calories
  • Detox focused dishes
  • Provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Designed to alkaline your body
  • Low in animal protein
  • Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free
  • Available for 50 euro per day

If you’re looking for the gentle cleanse and kick start of your healthy lifestyle this is the package for you. We believe that a program that is not too extreme and one that does not leave you starving is one which is most achievable and easiest to commit to. Vegetable packed food will do wonders for your skin, body and establish healthier eating habits. As with all packages flavour is the key, and the balance of juices and meals will keep you sustained throughout the day.

Healthy Kitchen - Delivery
Healthy Kitchen - Delivery
We make your life easier and your body healthier.
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