€50.00 per day

What's in the box?

If you are looking for an ultimate cleanse this is a right package for you. It is created to help your body to get rid of unnecessary toxins and replace them with vitamins and minerals that will bring you back to life. For someone it could also result weight loss.

  • 700 calories
  • Detox focused juices and smoothies
  • Provides rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Designed to alkaline your body
  • Available for 50 euro per day

The ultimate cleanse package is a kick start for your healthier lifestyle. This 1 or 3 days cleanse is a great way to assist the transition from unhealthy diet to a healthy one. Vegetable juices help to deliver concentrated enzymes and nutrients directly to the cells of the body which assist in the detoxification process.

Healthy Kitchen - Delivery
Healthy Kitchen - Delivery
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