For meals in our deli we choose only whole, organic, locally grown and high quality ingredients. We ensure that our meat and fish comes from free range and/or organic certified farms. Our vegetables, fruits and grains are delivered freshly every day from local and organic suppliers. Our recipes are created according to modern food combination rules applying healthy cooking methods using the right kinds of oils for thermal processing and cold pressed extra virgin oils for our salads and cold served dishes. We do not use deep frying and microwaving. Our goal is to make our clients leave our deli well nourished and revitalized, choosing from a wide variety of delicious salads and hot dishes, our tasty breakfast bar and our uniquely created fresh juices and smoothies.  

Organic Local Seasonal

Organic Local Seasonal


Avda. Playas Del Duque s/n, 
Edificio Sevilla, 29660,
PuertoBanús (Marbella)

Monday—Friday: 8:30AM–8:30PM
Saturday and Bank Holidays: 9:00AM–4:00PM

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